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House Coffee

Freshly ground Colombian coffee beans -- Sold in 120g bags

'House' Loose leaf tea

This is our very own blend of English breakfast and Assam Tea leaves - sold in 100g bags

Whole chocolate cake

4 layers of home made chocolate cake sandwiched with chocolate butter cream, decorated with butter cream and chocolate flake pieces.

Whole coffee and walnut cake

4 layers of home made coffee and walnut sponge cake filled with an espresso butter cream, decorated with walnut halves

large Chocolate roulade

8/10 decent size portion size. A gorgeous chocolate roulade, rolled up with fresh cream and icing sugar.

Fresh seasonal fruit pavlova

Large marshmallow meringue filled with fresh cream and seasonal fruits. serves up to 10 portions

Rainbow T-Pot

Small size 1-2 cups

Rainbow Mug
Rainbow large Mug
Rainbow large Cappucino cup & saucer
Rainbow espresso cup & saucer
Rainbow Toast rack
rainbow small t-pot + 1 mug
Christmas Shop
Christmas Pudding

large -- 900g

Christmas Pudding

small -- 1-2 portions -- 250g

Homemade Christmas mincemeat

Jar approx 425g

Homemade Christmas mincemeat

Jar - approx 375g

Mince Pies

Completely homemade - individual - cellophane gift wrap - each

3 x Mince Pies
6 x Mince pies
12 x mince pies